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Extended Blue Whale Tours

Running multiple times per week during the months of June, July, and August, these special extended Blue Whale tours are the very best opportunity in the world to see Blue Whales. Despite being the largest animal to ever live, these highly endangered giants are very elusive, and many of the world's most passionate whale watchers have never seen this bucket-list creature. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our crew, we have locked in the various and ever-changing offshore summer habitats of California's Blue Whales. With no time limit enforced on these tours, we are able to reliably show you a mighty Blue (however far offshore they may be) on nearly every single one of our Extended Blue Whale Tours.


The focus of these tours is to search for Blue Whales, wherever they may be, without the constraint of time! These leviathans are constantly moving around and searching for krill to feed on, and while we do see Blue Whales on our signature 2.5 hour whale watches during the summer, these special extended tours are the closest thing to a guarantee that exists for Blue Whale sightings.

During June and July in 2021 and 2022 we had a 100% success rate in finding blue whales on extended tours, with August still over 90%! If conditions permit, we will also explore the outer waters for any other species that may be around...last year we found orcas in July on an extended trip!

While we can't 100% guarantee you will see a Blue Whale on this tour, we DO guarantee you will see whales of some kind, with over a 95% chance to see Blue Whales.

**The plan is for these tours to last 4-8 hours, depending on how far offshore the Blue Whales are, however if sea conditions get rough, the total trip time may be shortened substantially as long as we've already had quality time and sightings with Blue Whales. Average trip length will be about 6 hours. 

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