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Gray Whales of the Winter and Spring

Best Value Whale Watching in San Diego!

In San Diego, large vessels that take more than 100 guests charge in excess of $60 per person. These large boats are also very slow, requiring trips that take more than half an hour just to reach the ocean! Skip those crowds and book with Gone Whale Watching for nearly the same price. Our boats are limited to just 6 guests and can cover twice the range of the big boats in half the time! We created these discounted 100 minute dolphin and whale watching tours to meet the needs of our budget-conscious guests. Every single human being deserves to have the opportunity to experience these amazing animals up-close with no crowds!

Select "Discount Winter/Spring Dolphin and Whale Watching Tours" from our trip menu!


Same Incredible Experience for Half the Price

Gray Whales and Pacific White-Sided Dolphins migrate close to shore during the winter and spring, making this an ideal time for a shorter-duration tour! Sightings can't be fully guaranteed, but your odds of seeing dolphins and whales is well above 90%

View Dolphins & Whales From Water-Level!

There's nothing like a sharp dolphin or whale photo from water-level! We understand whale watching can be an expensive hobby, and we wanted to offer an experience from our superior platforms that wasn't cost prohibitive! We started Gone Whale Watching to share the experience of viewing these animals in their natural environment with EVERYONE!

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