Special Offshore Exploration

We offer different styled extended whale watches throughout the year depending on the season. During the spring our trips focus on going to the waters of Northern Baja to search for a wide variety of marine life, with whale sightings guaranteed. Likely species are Gray, Humpback, and Fin Whales with Blue Whales, Beaked Whales, Orcas, and more are all possible if you're lucky! 

In the Summer we head offshore and focus primarily on Blue Whales

In the early Fall we run special trips to look for Orcas, and in the late Fall we focus on Humpback Whales!

On any extended trip at any time of year almost any species has a possibility of being seen!

**Due to the nature of how far offshore we travel, we MUST have favorable sea conditions for safety, so these trips do get cancelled for weather at a higher rate than our local 2.5 hour trips.**